Monday, April 5, 2010

My introduction to Saint Elizabeth

For those of you who guessed I was at a church, you were right! And for the one person who guessed that I was at St. Patricks, well, you, Erinn, were DOUBLE RIGHT!

I was walking home from the Upper West Side today and I passed St. Patrick's. Having toured hundreds (ok, well maybe not hundreds, but lots) of churches and cathedrals in Europe, I decided it was high time that I visit the one in my backyard.

I was walking around checking out the nave when all of a sudden, 1pm mass started. So I sat down.

After mass (yes, I sat through the whole thing), I walked around some more. Did you know that there is a Saint named Elizabeth? That's my middle name! I told a friend afterwards that I always thought I had saintly personality traits; she accurately pointed out that I'm more like Mother Theresa.

Then I wanted to light a candle. I walked around to all of the Saint's shrines, but couldn't find an appropriate one, so I lit a candle at the "general" candle area at the front of the church. I bet it's the best $1 I spend all week. Although Sax Man would probably disagree.

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