Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Street Fair season, y'all!

Anyone who knows SEL knows that spring/summer/fall = street fair mania! NYC has several street fairs each Saturday and Sunday on various avenues throughout the city. Every street fair sells the same junk. Junk I don't need and never buy. But there's just something fun about walking the fairs, looking in the booths, sampling the treats, and checking out the people. Perhaps it's the bright colors everywhere. Or trying to guess which luxury items fell off the back of a truck and which are fakes. Maybe it's the excitement of walking in the street without the possibility of getting hit by a car. I think that one of the reasons that I hate winter so much is that there aren't any street fairs. They end in early November and are on hiatus straight through early April.

Walking home from a friend's house this afternoon, I saw the first street fair of 2010!

I was in a little bit of a hurry and didn't get to peruse the stalls but here's my guess as to what they were selling:
  • Pashminas in a plethora of colors (5 for $20 or $5/each).
  • Knock off Prada, Louis and Chanel bags (I mean, designer replicas)
  • Funnel cakes (as pictured above), fried Oreos, Mozzarepas, snow cones and Kettle Corn
  • Clothing from Victoria's Secret, the Limited and Express that is also questionable in its authenticity
  • "Interesting small items" (that's usually manicure and dental supplies)
  • Sunglasses and jewelry
  • Various bedding accessories including sheets and duvets that may or may not be bedbug ridden (who buys sheets on the street?) but are the same brands that you find at Bed Bath and Freakin' Beyond
Now that I know it's officially street fair season, I'll start planning my weekend excursions around the blocked off avenues. Click here for a 2010 NYC Street Fair calendar.

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