Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goodnight Moon

Today is Tuesday. And that means it's a Group Training Session and run in Central Park. Tonight's was a killer. I don't know if it was the soreness from Sunday's biathlon, general fatigue or the fact that tonight's focus was HILLS. We ran Cat Hill three times over and then trekked across the park to run Strawberry Hill several times. Angel and I bailed about 5 minutes early but waited for the rest of the team for the group stretch. We must have run a total of 5 miles. At least Saturday's 5k will feel like a stroll in the park!

After the training session, we stepped out of the Time Warner Center and saw a ton of people standing on the sidewalk. We looked up and saw what everyone was starting at:

Yup. That's the moon. Hanging out between the buildings on the East Side of Manhattan. It was huge. And bright. And low. One of the best moons that I've seen in NYC. Everyone had their cameras (well, cell phones) out. It's interesting how something as simple as the moon can make even the most jaded New Yorkers stop in their tracks and stare.

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  1. Don't make me cry!!!!! I miss this view!!!!!!