Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Stationary Bike and Minus Eight Inches

Good guesses, everybody! I did get my hair cut! About 8 inches, more in some places. The picture below is deceiving because I'm a little hunched over. It's just about at my shoulders. At first I found Ruben (Grace, my ex-haircutter's, protege) to be a bit scissor happy. But after getting over my initial shock at my new short coif, I'm pretty satisfied. And it's only hair. Knowing my head, it will grow back within the week and I'll be begging for a trim.

**Disclaimer: the picture above was taken on a stationary motorcycle. The keys were not in the ignition, Paige's foot was on the ground to balance us, and the owner was taking the picture. No pedestrians, riders, bikes or innocent bystanders were hurt during the taking of this picture. The helmet was modeled on the street but removed for the purpose of the picture and the picture only. The bike did not move while we were on it. @PaigeSuozzi and I were only trying it out. It's a hot bike. But that's all the involvement we want.

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