Thursday, November 25, 2010

Take a seat

Q: What does this bus stop say?

A: Get comfy, you'll be waiting awhile.

Just kidding. I have no idea how long the wait is. I was driving. But this looks much prettier on the street corner than a regular bus bench!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One step away from a loaded gun

I was riding up a crowded escalator today and I was jammed up against two cops in front of me. I looked up and this was my view.

I have to admit, it made my stomach turn just a little bit. I'm not sure I've ever been so close to a loaded (or unloaded) gun before. I know that there was no danger, that it wouldn't just accidentally go off right there on the escalator but part of me couldn't wait to get away from it. That was enough to make my skin crawl for the rest of the morning.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Confusion: my most frequently visited state

Do you ever get into an elevator and automatically press the button? And then realize you've pressed a button for a frequently visited floor in another building? And then press the "right" floor only to realize you've done it again? No? You haven't done that?

I would say that I haven't either, but that would be a lie. I totally pressed 18 and then 7 when I really meant to hit 4. Good going, SZQ.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello, New Favorite Television Show

It's incredible.

Who's seen it?

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What's wrong with this picture?

Do you see anything out of place here?

Snow! On 22nd Street! I have no idea how it got there or why it was there but it was real snow! I was walking home from the office (yes, on Sunday night) when I said to myself, "Step over the snow at the curb, you're not wearing waterproof shoes." I got about four steps beyond the curb and did a double take. "Snow?!" I looked back and sure enough, there was snow along the curb from 22nd to 23rd Street all along Broadway. Only in NYC, folks.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not the most scenic corner

In a city with elaborate architecture that's surrounded by water and breathtaking views, the last thing I expect to see is this:

Someone painting the corner of 23rd Street and 3rd Avenue. I obviously wasn't paying very close attention this afternoon when I snapped the picture because I didn't see the bus roll in. But there's nothing worth painting behind that bus! Now I guess I could admit that there's everyday beauty in the city and that this corner epitomizes city life: a bus stop, a corner bodega, cabs whipping cross-town, pedestrians trying to beat the light as they hustle across the street, chain-smoking students from the SVA carrying around canvases. I'd love some city art for my apartment but this probably but this corner isn's something that I want hanging on the wall of my UES penthouse. Hey, I'm collecting art for the future!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas Friday

There seem to be quite a few names for slippers: house shoes, bedroom shoes, etc...And none of them mention Madison Square Park as an appropriate place to wear them.

But yet that's what I saw tonight walking home from work. It's not like they were even remotely shoe-like. They were clearly slippers. Like the ones they give away at hotels. 3 star hotels.

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