Monday, November 15, 2010

He can't hear you but we can!

I had an out of state experience tonight and met my cousin at the Melting Pot in Hoboken. We were pleasantly surprised by Ladies Night Out- a three course meal for $20 each! We'll be there every Monday for that deal! But...the people sitting next to us were awful!

See her open mouth? That's how it was. All night. Let's call them "Janet" and "Chris." Chris was definitely his name but we never did catch hers. Anyway, "Janet" yelled at Chris the entire meal. We're not sure if he was hard of hearing, or she just had a naturally loud voice, but as we savored every course, I kept hearing about theirs. Things we overheard:

"Chris, duck is like chicken, you need to cook it thoroughly!" (Who gets duck at The Melting Pot?

"Chris! There's not much goat cheese in this ravioli, is there?" (Ditto statement about The Melting Pot above.)

"When we went to the fondue restaurant in Paris, they didn't give directions like they do here at The Melting Pot. I kept telling my friend she was doing it wrong!"

We busted out of there after our flambeed Chocolate Chip Oreo fondue. How is it that in the whole huge restaurant, we got stuck next to the crazies? When I looked back as we were leaving, I'm fairly certain that Chris looked jealous of our departure.

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