Monday, September 7, 2009

my hotlanta weekend

i wouldn't be caught dead running around nyc in a bathing suit. never in a million years would i ride around whole foods at union square in a shopping cart. and wearing a paper krispy kreme hat while out in public? no freaking way! but i did all those things (and more!) this weekend in atlanta and i couldn't be happier about it.

for some reason, when i visit the fam in atlanta, we do really trashy things. this is by no means a reflection on them= they are classy, upstanding citizens who reside in a lovely neighborhood and have cultural experiences regularly. in fact, most places we go, trashy or not, we're the classiest there. however, when i'm here, i seem to bring out the trash in us all.

saturday, we ventured north to lake allatoona where we were the only visitors without tatoos, more than one set of piercings, and all our teeth. we whizzed around the lake on our little speed boat, tubing, swimming and laughing hysterically all day. we passed houseboats with riders who resembled the intersection of tommy lee, mickey rourke and and billy bob thornton.

sunday, my aunt made the mistake of suggesting the lake lanier water park as a possible destination for the day, and the kids and i rushed her out the door within 12 minutes. similar to our experience at six flags white water earlier this summer, we were the thinnest and cleanest people there. my uncle, whose sarcastic wit never fails to amuse me, calls it the land of the great unwashed. this being labor day weekend and all (a.k.a. the last water park weekend of the summer), the masses were out for their last bath before winter arrives on september 8th.

monday morning, the kids and i dined at waffle house- how an establishment in an upscale neighborhood such as theirs can draw such a colorful clientele, i'm really not sure. while the kids scarfed down waffles and various chocolate drinks, i took in the scene: the family next to us who was rushing "back to the trailer," the trucker on our otherside who was "off to see his mama," and our waitress, who lackin' her front chompers, "highly reccomends the steak 'n eggs," we fit right in wearing our pajamas.

don't get me wrong, we had plenty of cultural experiences this weekend. unfortunately, they are all escaping me right now. but i have to say, i laughed harder this weekend than i have in a long time and couldn't be happier about labor day 2009.