Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not the most scenic corner

In a city with elaborate architecture that's surrounded by water and breathtaking views, the last thing I expect to see is this:

Someone painting the corner of 23rd Street and 3rd Avenue. I obviously wasn't paying very close attention this afternoon when I snapped the picture because I didn't see the bus roll in. But there's nothing worth painting behind that bus! Now I guess I could admit that there's everyday beauty in the city and that this corner epitomizes city life: a bus stop, a corner bodega, cabs whipping cross-town, pedestrians trying to beat the light as they hustle across the street, chain-smoking students from the SVA carrying around canvases. I'd love some city art for my apartment but this probably but this corner isn's something that I want hanging on the wall of my UES penthouse. Hey, I'm collecting art for the future!

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