Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MMMBoppin' through Central Park

Gramercy Park is boppin' this week with a visit from teen sensation Hanson. Although if I'm no longer a teen then neither are they. When I passed by there early tonight, there were teenyboppers lined up down the street and around the block. 10+ years ago, I could totally see myself right there with them.

While the next generation danced the night away in the theatre, I joined some hardcore athletes in Central Park for a complimentary bootcamp session with a budding instructor. He had us running and jumping, doing squats and push-ups and lunging through the park. We ended with a barefoot session in the sand volleyball court where we ran suicides (also known as ladders?) and nearly froze our toes. The workout was intense. But you know what made it bad? I couldn't get MMMBop out of my head the whole time! Mmmbop, ba dupa dop, ba dup bop, ba duba dop. STOP!

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