Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can I really do this?

I'm exhausted. This is going to be brief.

We had a group run tonight in Central Park. It wasn't a long one, just 40 minutes and about 4.9 miles. Unfortunately I had a rough time. I was counting down to the finish by mile 1.5. I had a burst of energy between miles 2 and 3 and I hit the wall around 4. Angel dragged me to the "finish line" where I seriously had to sit down for awhile. I was able to rally afterward for a trip to the bar because come on, isn't that what tri-training is all about? I'm home now and still not feeling quite right. Was it the warm weather (the thermometer on the CNN building said 81)? Did I not drink enough water today? Or perhaps I didn't sleep enough last night?

Tonight was definitely the first time I questioned my ability to complete the triathlon. How will I be able to do that run (10k) after swimming a mile and biking 25? Am I in over my head?

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