Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Bitterly Cold Bike Ride

I left my house at 7:15am this morning to ride up to Central Park for our Saturday GTS (group training session). We stood around in the park while Coach Jay taught us to use our gears/brakes/hand pumps (collectively referred to as bike decorations by me and Paige). Finally, Erinn (thank goodness for her dry wit) asked if we'd be riding our bikes today. He then let us loose in the park. We did one lower loop, lost Paige, found Paige and then Angel made the executive decision that it was just too cold. So went to Cafe Viand for pancakes. It was entirely too cold this morning to be biking; I was actually worried about my fingers and nose. Everything else was covered. We got to breakfast and checked the temperature:

No wonder we were so cold!! It wasn't even 45 degrees out. I refuse to go out and buy cold weather biking gear. Unless this is going to the the year that spring never comes. Hard to believe since we hit 92 degrees on Wednesday.

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  1. Biking, pancakes. Good choice Sooz.