Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Favorite Things

I was heading uptown today on the green train and while I was waiting, there was a man across the tracks playing his saxophone (badly). After a few minutes, he started playing "My Favorite Things" (badly) from my favorite movie. (If you don't know the movie, stop reading my blog. Now.) It sounded so pathetic but I appreciated his effort. So I walked back up the stairs, across the bridge, and down the stairs to the downtown platform. I dropped a dollar in his bucket (a trash bin lined with a floral table cloth) and walked back upstairs, across the bridge and down the stairs to the uptown platform. I was wearing a bright blue jacket, so I guess I was kind of noticeable because when I returned to my bench to wait for the train, Sax Man looked up at me and nodded. And then he started playing "Close to You" (badly). I think that he was just touched that someone would travel across the tracks to drop a dollar in his bucket. And then my train came and I got on. I was sitting in a window seat and as my train rolled out of the station, he looked up at me, tipped his hat and resumed playing (badly, I assume, but I couldn't hear the music anymore). These "New York Experiences" truly are My Favorite Things.

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