Sunday, March 28, 2010

I saw a star, I opened up my eyes, I saw a star!

He might not be George Clooney. Or Matt Damon. But he's a star. He's Javier! From Felicity! The flamboyantly gay barista from Dean and Deluca? You know the one...also known as Ian Gomez? (No, I didn't know his name either, I had to use IMDB - and yes, there's an App for that!)

A quick on-site Google search at the playground turned up a marriage to My Big Fat Greek Wedding star, Nia Vardalos, and a nameless four year old adopted daughter. Mystery solved: her name is Ilaria. I'm calling Perez Hilton now. But the real question is, will Perez agree with Mom Levine that Ian Gomez doesn't count as a celebrity?

Disclaimer: this photo was taken with my camera phone very discreetly. No one was embarrassed in the process.

Bonus Question: Where's the song reference in this post and what's the song?

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