Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Costco Adventure of the Three Fruit Stickerers

In Costco's membership material, they forgot to mention one cardholder benefit: When you bring non-members to shop, they push you around in the cart and keep you comfortable with pillows and blankets.

On another note, we had a very eventful trip back down to civilization.

Random Guy in the subway: Are you three professional ladies?
Susan/Paige/Erinn: Yes...
Random Guy: What do you do?
Susan: We put the little stickers on fruit.
RG: Really? What?
SEL: Yes. Really. You don't think that the fruit grows already stickered, do you?
RG: Are you in management?
SEL: No, we're the actual stickerers. But Paige is getting close to management.
RG: Oh. Do you all want to be in management?
SEL: No, actually we're really happy to be doing the manual labor. We get to talk to each other and laugh all day. That's something we couldn't do in the corporate office.
RG: Oh. What's the name of the company.
SEL: Chiquita. Like the Banana company. But we're not actually related to them.
RG: Oh. Do you only work with bananas?
SEL: No, of course not. We all started with bananas because they are the easiest fruit. But then as we learned the properties of the fruit, and how to avoid bruising the varities with very fragile skin, we were promoted and now work across the entire produce division.
RG: Oh, wow. Where did you go to school?
Paige: Stanford
Erinn: Michigan.
Guy: Wow, you all have really good educations and you don't want to be in management?
Paige: No.
RG: What did you major in?
Paige and SEL at the same time: Engineering.
SEL: Yes, she majored in Engineering and actually assisted when Chiquita was a start-up. She worked in factory design and helped put together an environmentally efficient workspace that would maximize the productivity of the day laborers.
RG: Oh. Wow. I'm having a networking event tonight for NYU, Columbia, Princeton and several other schools. Would you three come and speak about your entrepreneurial successes?

Yes. This really happened. I can't even make this stuff up. He switched from the Local to the Express Train with us. Poor Danny was just a gullible MBA student from NYU looking to network with young professionals for his event tonight. I would like to say that I feel badly about putting one over on him, but we all really needed the laugh. And boy did we laugh. In fact, we're still laughing five hours later. But no. We're not going to tonight's networking event. We're too tuckered out from running, biking and, of course, our trip to Costco.

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