Thursday, March 4, 2010

My sophisticated palette

A few things to know about me.

1) I don't DRINK wine

2) I don't LIKE wine

3) I don't KNOW wine

Add those three together and it makes perfect sense to send me wine shopping for a large event, right? Yeah. Anyway. So today I was sent to "buy enough wine for 40 people." Not wanting to admit to my inadequacies, I accepted the task and then texted, emailed and called everyone I knew for a crash course on Wine 101. I ended up at Trader Joe's Wine Shop and did what anyone else (in my situation) would do. I grabbed a cart, went up and down the aisles and looked for wine bottles with pretty labels. I picked out my four favorite labels in the store and then took those to Matt at the Concierge Desk. I asked him which was his favorite of the four I picked. He pointed to a bottle with a bright red label and a picture of a dog howling under a full moon. That one was my favorite, too. I grabbed nine more bottles (for a total of 10) and paid.

And at tonight's event? The wine was a hit. It was a perfect pair with the cheese assortment and complimented the fruit nicely. And 10 bottles? The perfect number. There wasn't a drop left over, but no one left thirsty. Perhaps I should go work for Wine Spectator. Apparely I've got quite a sophisticated palette.

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