Thursday, March 25, 2010

Riding the horsie, not the chariot

I'm in LA, y'all! And the sun was shining as the girls and I hit the Santa Monica Pier today!

It's a good thing I've been exercising and eating well lately.

Because a chariot wouldn't have been nearly as fun as this:

Going into the Santa Monica Pier, Miss Alexis was totally psyched about going on the "horsies." She talked about them all the way through our almond taste testing session (random focus group we were recruited for as we walked in!), and then waited anxiously in line for our turn to ride. But when I put her up there, she did the same thing she did last summer in Central Park. "NO!" So, once again, I hefted myself up there with her and held her the whole ride. And listened to her scream, "I DONE! I DONE!" Once the ride started to slow down, we progressed to this:

I'm hopeful that she wasn't permanently traumatized by the ride. She regained composure after we went outside and hit the beach to play in the sand. Then we played a few carnival games, had some lunch, visited the 24 Seven LA office and crashed.

And I'm about to do the same thing. We better see a celebrity tomorrow or I'm going home.

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