Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Firey Adventure!

We trekked to Fire Island today. It was a 2.5 hour journey from my apartment to the beach- taxi (home to Penn Station) to train (Penn Station to Bay Shore, Long Island) to taxi (Bay Shore train station to ferry terminal) to ferry (Long Island to Ocean Beach, Fire Island) to long walk to the beach (Ocean Bay Park Beach)! We caught a 7:40am train and were on the beach by 10. It was empty when we arrived! Everyone else started pouring in (with their beer and sangria) around 11:30ish...

We hung out in the sun, waded in the water, walked on the beach and climbed through the Sunken Forest (so-called because it's actually below sea level). While I'd been to the more "touristy" areas of Fire Island before, I'd never had the opportunity to explore the forest before. From this high spot, you could see all the way to the ocean and the bay. Pretty cool!

The best past may have been leaving our stuff on the beach during our two hour nature walk and knowing that it would be fine!

We had some fried clams (not as good as Martha's Vineyard) and noshed on the great picnic supplies we got from Trader Joe's last night (packed and carried in the great $5.24 cooler from Walgreens!).

We saw lots of marine life (mostly dead) on the shore.

I kept thinking I was seeing oil spots but they were actually clumps of seaweed. At least I'm up on current events! (Yes, I know the leak has been stopped. Temporarily?)

The ride home felt longer but we left Fire Island on the 7pm ferry and I walked into Mouse's apartment (I'm still catsitting) at 9:35.

Such a fun day and a great adventure! We're already planning the next one!

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