Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What SEL Did This Morning

Before work, I:

Had a bite to eat
Fed the cat
Scooped the litter
Ran downtown
Fed Mouse the Cat, played with him and scooped his litter
Gave him his asthma medication (.5 ml of Albuterol)
Let him yell at me

Ran back uptown to Macy's to pick up my bag from Paige
Ran back down to Subtle Tea to pick up some pomegranate iced tea
And made it to work by 8:45

What a morning! Ended the day with a great dinner at Dos Caminos with Rachel and am now ready to hit the hay. Only to do it all over again tomorrow. Except the Macy's part. And Dos Caminos. So really just catsitting and working.

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