Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Shoos Toosday

My running shoes were basically ruined during the triathlon because of all the hosing down I received during the run. I'm thinking about running them through the washing machine but in the meantime, I knew I had to get a new pair of running shoes. I sped the process along today because I agreed to an impromptu run tonight. I found the nearest running store and picked out the prettiest pair. Just kidding. I picked out the prettiest pair that provided neutral support since I'm not an over-pronater. And then I met up with Paigie who was also sporting new shoes.

We ran from her house to mine (3.5 miles) in 32 minutes and called it a night. I could have gone a bit longer but didn't want to push it. Good news: I only got one (small) blister from the new shoes!

And in case anyone missed my tweets earlier, I went to the interns' end of summer party tonight. It was a star studded affair with company executives; ours and Twitter's! The COO of Twitter (hey, @DickC!) made a cammeo and I got 15 seconds of undivided attention. What would you have talked about?

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