Sunday, July 11, 2010

Patiently waiting for the end of the wave

This miserable NYC heat wave must come to an end!! I can take the weather, that's not the problem. Case in point? This sign posted by our elevators that has now been there for three full days!

Yes. You read that right. My elevators (the three that are currently in service) aren't working. They are fatigued from the heat. The building plays it off like this is totally normal but let me tell you, I'VE NEVER LIVED IN ANOTHER BUILDING WHERE THE ELEVATORS DON'T WORK WHEN IT'S HOT OUT. I've lived in tall buildings all my life and I can't ever recall a time that one malfunctioned due to humidity.

So the buttons on the elevators don't work. If you want to call the elevator, you have to hold the button down until it arrives. And when you get in to go DOWN, every single button is pushed. When you get in to go UP, every person has to hold down the button for his/her floor. It's like a sick game of Twister.

And these "long waiting times?" Let's just say that I can walk the 18 flights of stairs faster than it takes to wait for the elevator to come and then stop on every floor. I'm getting quite the workout from taking the stairs each and every time I come and go. Especially one morning last week when I got all the way downstairs and realized I left my laptop and lunch upstairs.

I promise that, come winter, I will NOT complain about being cold.

P.S. I am not the one the building is thanking for patience.

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  1. MOVE TO LA!!!!! We have no stairs and the washer and dryer are FANTASTIC - even have two cars for you to use!!!!