Saturday, July 10, 2010

Island dogs

We ventured to Coney Island today for our 2nd open water swim (my third, including the Pancake Triathlon). And it wasn't as bad as the first two! I never felt like I was drowning in the water or suffocating in my wetsuit. At one point, I did think I saw a shark fin but it turned out to be another swimmer. I left the water feeling a bit more confident about next weekend. Sunday is the real deal. It's finally in the 10-day forecast. And it's supposed to be sunny and warm.

After the swim, I met up with a Brooklyn friend on the boardwalk. We played in the surf with her dog (until we were told there's a fine for bringing dogs on the beach) and then ate a famous restaurant called Tatiana. Apparently it's in all the movies that are filmed at Coney Island. After lunch, we walked back down towards the subway. At a certain point, my Brooklyn friend said to me, "OK, we're crossing the crazy line." I didn't totally understand what she meant but apparently the Coney Island/Brighton Beach boardwalk is divided into two distinct areas. The family/locals area and the "crazy" area. And sure enough, as soon as we crossed the line, the crazies came out.

At one point, we ran into a woman with two tea-cup Yorkies. One had pink hair and the other had blue hair. We asked her why and she said, "Because pink is a girl color and blue is a boy color" and looked at us like we were the idiots. She also had a dog stroller with her and said that she has to put diapers on the dogs when they are in there so that they don't pee. And then I ran back to Manhattan. Where people are normal. Hah!

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