Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tri Ready

Ever wonder what it takes to get ready for a triathlon? Six months ago, when I registered for the NYC Triathlon, I had no clue what I was in for. And here I am, on race-eve, realizing how far I've come and just how much stuff I've accumulated.

1) Towel + hand towel
2) Wetsuit
3) Swim cap
4) Anti-fog goggles
5) Body glide to prevent chafing from the salt water against the wetsuit
6) Bag to put my pre-swim flip flops and t-shirt in
7) Bag for wet wetsuit after the race
8) Marker to write my number on arm
9) 2 bottles of Gatorade for drinking, 2 bottles of water for drinking, 1 bottle of water for rinsing after running barefoot from the swim exit to the bike start
10) Bike shoes
11) Helmet
12) Sunglasses
13) Helmet number
14) Running shoes
15) Tri-shorts
16) Sports bra
17) Tri-shirt
18) Race belt with race number
19) Running hat
20) Snacks (Shot Blocks before the swim, jelly beans before the bike and gu during the run)
21) APES t-shirt for after the race
22) Wallet with cash, ID and insurance cards
23) A MetroCard in case public transportation is needed

On the arm:
1) Yellow triathlon bracelet (race #1401 with admission to the yellow transition zone)
2) Purple TNT bracelet
3) Red breast cancer bracelet
4) Yellow duck APES silly band

Not pictured:
1) My bike! I dropped it off in the transition earlier today. It's sitting on it's rack in my assigned spot in the transition area. See?

And now, I am truly tri ready. Alarm is set for 3:30am. I'll leave the house by 4:10, arrive at the transition area by 4:30, get my area set-up and myself ready for the swim, head to the swim start by 5:15 and jump into the water at 6:20. I should be done with the race around 10am. At which point, most of you will be thinking about waking up. Check my Twitter for the post-race update.

And with that, I'm signing off as an athlete. I'll rejoin you tomorrow as a Triathlete.

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