Friday, May 28, 2010

Visualizing Race Day

Throughout the course of my training, I have been trying to visualize race day. But I don't see myself sailing through the water, or flying up the West Side Highway on my bike or even breezing through Central Park towards the finish line. This is what I see:

In order to prepare ourselves for that jump into the Hudson, my APES teammates and I have signed up for a "sprint" triathlon on Staten Island the second weekend in June (a sprint is 1/2 the distance of a regular tri). I'm hoping that after the sprint and two swim practices off the shore of Coney Island, I'll be less afraid of open water and ready for race day.

Unfortunately, it was just pointed out to me that the swim portion of the Staten Island sprint triathlon is in the ocean (as opposed to a river). So my visualization looks more like this:

So for now, I think that I'll stop with the visualization and just continue with the training...

Sweet dreams!

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