Tuesday, May 11, 2010

15 Seconds over Central Park

For those of you who couldn't tell from my subtle Twitter and blog references (a security thing), I spent the weekend in Chicago for Mother's Day. Had lots of fun, ate lots of food and spent lots of time letting my leg/hip heal. I had so much fun, I extended my trip for a day and even tried to milk one additional day out of it at the airport this afternoon. But I returned home tonight to a very lonely kitty (and dishes/laundry that didn't do themselves while I was gone).

Flying into LaGuardia today, we took a route that I hadn't flown since before September 11th. We flew up the middle of Manhattan, over the Bronx and south to LGA. Knowing the city so much better now than back then, I was able to recognize so many landmarks in the city. We flew over Battery Park, NYU, Union Square, I saw my apartment building, uptown and over Central Park, through the Bronx, over Orchard Beach (site of the Bronx Biathlon), and right into LGA. It was pretty cool.

My favorite part? The 15 seconds over Central Park.

This is from the west, looking east. I wish I could have gotten the whole park in the picture but airplane windows are only so wide. It's amazing to see how much of the island of Manhattan the park actually takes up. I love that I've been spending so much time in the park lately and how well I know my way around it. And it was even cooler seeing all those sites from the air. Now if only I could run the 6 mile perimeter path as quickly as we flew over it...

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