Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bag Boy Pride

The following conversation took place at dinner tonight with friends. Names have been changed to protect the innocent:

SEL: Bob, I like your purse.

Bob: It's not a purse. It is a man bag!

SEL: Sorry. I like your man bag.

Bob: Look at all these fantastic pockets. This one here is for glasses. This one is for my cell phone and other electronics. And this big one, it's for condoms (mischevious grin).

SEL: Wow. That's very nice.

Juliette (Bob's wife): You should come over and see. He has more bags than I do.

My mother pointed out that "Bob" is European. But I love the fact that he carries a purse (sorry, man bag) and he's proud of it!! I meanwhile, rolled up to dinner with nothing but an ID stashed in my mother's purse to avoid repeating last nights denial of beer. That's what we call "Traveling a la Paige," but that's a story for another blog entry...

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