Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I was in the presence of greatness (or so I thought)

Just like every Tuesday, tonight was a Group Training Session in Central Park. We emerged from the depths of earth (aka the subway) at Columbus Circle and began our usual trek to the Time Warner building only to see a large white tent, a red carpet and hundreds of flashing white bulbs. I know that Team in Training is making great strides towards curing cancer, but I never expected them to roll out the red carpet for us tonight. As we got a few steps closer to the building, we realized (alas) that the hoopla was not for us but for tonight's Time 100 Party. Imagine how excited I was to be in the presence of such incredible people. I was potentially sharing airspace with some of the most influential people of our time. We completed the workout and sprinted back to the red carpet to hang out with the rest of the gawkers. I was expecting writers, politicians and dignitaries. Maybe even Oprah.

Instead I got Donatella Versace (the over-Botoxed fashion designer).

And Martha Stewart (the b*tch).

And (a very blurry) Demi and Ashton (the Cougar and the Tweeter).

But at least it wasn't Sarah Palin. That could have gotten ugly. For her.

Training: I completed a leisurely 25 mile (2.5 hour) ride up the West Side and over the GWB this morning before anyone was awake. Then there was tonight's Group Training Session in Central Park. We covered hills, hills and more hills (3.3. miles in 51 minutes). That sure does make for some tired calves! And a tired SEL. Until tomorrow...


  1. Um....and were you all sweaty as you were spying on all these people???

  2. Yep! Sweaty and disgusting. It's kind of funny how un-self conscious I am about going out in exercise clothes now. I'm a triathlete and proud of it!!