Monday, May 17, 2010

@SoozEliz works Twitter

Now I'm no Mayor of Twitter like @aplusk, but I do like to tweet every now and then. And I think that my Tweeples enjoy reading the bits and pieces that I post. But every so often, a happening in Twitterville makes me realize what a powerful tool Twitter could be if used properly.

Yesterday evening, after my bike ride, I was catching up on some internet business while flipping channels. I cruised by the USA Network that was airing an SVU Marathon and I put the remote down. The TV acted as background conversation while I got through my to-do list. I wasn't paying attention to the show but Benson and Stabler kept me company and made the evening a bit more pleasant. Wanting to include my Twerps in the evening, I tweeted:

And then I went back to my stuff. A bit later, I went back to Twitter to see if anything interesting was happening there and I stumbled across a new @SoozEliz message:

A quick Google search says that @TedOnTV is actually Ted Linhart, the VP of Program Research on the USA Network. I didn't reference the USA Network by its Twitter name (I found it but it didn't look "used") yet my Tweet was still found and responded to (within an hour). I've also had responses from In&Out Burger, a camping company (that was a misinterpreted tweet), and a few other random companies.

Now maybe if we all tweet @DR_DuaneReade when we have awful customer service, the issue will be responded to.

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