Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Showertime adventures

It's not so much about what I saw today...but what I learned. Ready? Drum roll, please...

I learned that it's entirely possible to stay connected while showering WITHOUT soaking my iPhone. How fantastic is that? That's just 7 more minutes of my day that I can be in touch! How did I learn this you ask? Well, it all started as I walked in the door from work. I was engaged in a stimulating conversation (does back and forth texting constitute a conversation?) with a friend. I sent a text and then put the phone down. I walked into the bathroom to turn on the water for a shower. And then as I was getting in the shower, "bing!" For some reason, I stepped back out to check the text and it was something quite intriguing. I responded and then put the phone on the bathroom counter and got in the shower. Shampooing, singing some Mamma Mia and another "bing!" Thanks to my over-priced anti-fog glass shower doors, I was able to see the phone and the new text. Equally as intriguing as the last, it required an immediate response. I opened the shower door to grab the phone and as I was responding, I nearly froze! So I slid the shower door closed and tested myself to see how far back I could get under the water without submerging the phone. With my arms completely extended, I was able to have my whole body (well, not my arms) under the water, stay warm and still text while maintaining a dry phone! Score!! I was able to carry on a conversation until it was time to rinse out the conditioner. Of course I had to take some pictures as long as I was in the shower with a camera. I mean, how many times does this happen in one's life? Above is the water falling and below are my fuller shower shelves. Those are all my fabulous shower products courtesy of Shape Magazine. Want great swag? Get a magazine gig. Or get a friend with a magazine gig.

Here's hoping I see something a little more exciting tomorrow.

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