Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lounging on the High Line

I started a new endurance training program today on my iPhone. It's like having my own personal running coach. Man, she pushed me hard! It's a time-thing, not a distance-thing, so I have no clue how far I went, but I alternated between sprinting, jogging and walking. And exhausted myself completely. And my favorite part of the program? She told me when I was halfway through so I knew to turn around and head back home. Genius.

I ran over to the West Side and jogged up the steps to the High Line ( This was the first time that I've been there and a loungechair was available. So even though it was 21 degrees, I parked myself on a lounger and enjoyed the view.

You can see the crystal blue sky over lower Chelsea Piers. And yes, that's the Moet billboard I'm sitting under. Shame there was nothing to celebrate today. From my lounger, I was able to peer into the hotel that towers over the High Line.

I don't know if you can really tell, but the entire structure is on stilts that create a walkway under the building for High Line walkers. Scary but intriguing, the Standard Hotel (it's an Andre Balazs) is one of my favorite buildings in NYC. I'd like to go inside sometime...I wonder what the High Line looks like from above.

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