Friday, January 15, 2010

The Return of the Blueberry

Technology changes constantly. But just like children growing up under our own noses, we don't notice it because the change appears to happen gradually. Cassette tapes are virtually unidentifiable to anyone under 20 and VHSs? Forget those! Portable CD players, which were all the rage and the "must-have" accessory of 1994, were antiquated in 2000 with the commercialization of MP3 players. And cell phones without internet? What's the point of those?

My best friend started a new job last week. On Day 1, after after orienting her to the company and discussing their progressive views on staffing and community building, they handed her this brick.

A first generation Blackberry phone! We jokingly call it the Blueberry (because it's actually the original blue color) and assume that it is on loan from the Smithsonian. But it sends and receives emails and if you have really good hearing, you can even make a phone call with it. However, there's no browser or internet. Without internet access, how is she supposed to surf the net from the subway? Or Mapquest her restaurant of choice for dinner after reading the review on the New York Magazine mobile site. What do you mean she's not supposed to? What else is a cell phone for? Thank goodness her personal cell phone has all these capabilities; without them, she might not be able to exist in 2010!

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