Saturday, January 16, 2010

Puppy for grabs

I've always found it exceedingly offensive when people leave their pets tied up outside of stores or restaurants while they are inside. I think it's cruel. You'd never leave your child tied to a lamppost. Why leave your dog? How sad does this poor pup look? I found the little guy howling, crying and shivering outside of a deli in the West Village.

On another note, today felt positively tropical compared to the arctic temperatures we've been experiencing. We had highs in the mid-40's this afternoon. I took advantage of the balmy weather and took a stroll along the Hudson River. There was a big event there yesterday for the passengers of the USAir flight that landed in the river exactly one year ago. In honor of the goose that caused the disaster, yesterdays festivities were sponsored by Grey Goose. Still trying to figure out how I feel about that...

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