Sunday, January 10, 2010

The One When The Holidays Officially Ended

Today, my apartment went from this:

To this:

And tomorrow I'll probably put them away completely, but I can't bear to say goodbye to them quite yet. Purchased from Duane Reade (the "big" green one) and Target (the pink, blue and white ones), these little trees have served me well. Decorated with tiny white lights and small boldly colored ornaments (from the Target dollar aisle), they added spunk and energy to my little apartment. I seriously considered leaving them up for the winter, but a wise friend suggested that they're really only special because their season is so short. And she's probably right. So away they'll go and I'll anxiously await their return. In 10 months.

And thanks to Lauren, I remembered to un-decorate the cat, too.

Unfortunately, Pollie is feeling rather naked now and doesn't want a new picture taken.

After my lazy day yesterday, I had planned to spend all day today cleaning, organizing and running errands. Unfortunately/fortunately I got a better offer and spent the day hanging out at the mall. Yes. The mall. I left Manhattan, hopped on the LIRR, and ended up at Roosevelt Field. The place was bopping, but the racks were empty. Either spring shipments haven't arrived yet, or stores were quite conservative with their orders. Regardless, I left empty handed, but had a great time. Now it's Sunday night at 10pm and I don't have any clean clothes, food for tomorrow's lunch or lightbulbs in the kitchen. But that's a small price to pay for a fun day with a friend.

Hope your weekend was fun! Have a great week!


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