Saturday, June 26, 2010

Watching baseball in the 1920's

A few friends and I trekked to Staten Island tonight for the Yankees game. No, not The Yankees. The Staten Island Yankees! They're the Bronx Bombers' Class-A team, also known as the Baby Bombers. Going to the game reminded me of what baseball games were supposed to be. Inexpensive, family-friendly and entertaining! The ballpark, located on the northern shore of Staten Island, overlooking downtown Manhattan, is small and provides an intimate experience for attendees. There's dancing between the innings, lots of mini competitions for kids, tons of music, cheap food, beer for those who want it (we didn't) and no nose-bleed seats. For our $18 tickets, we got 11th row seats above the visitors' dugout, an SI Yankees hat and an all-you-can-eat bracelet (we're triathletes, they definitely lost money on us!).

The mascots, Huck and Scooter "the holy" Cow, wandered the stands. For some reason, Huck took a liking to us and came by to visit/harass us frequently.

And despite the fact that the home team lost 8-1, attendees were treated to a lengthy and impressive fireworks display after the game.

This was my third trip to Staten Island this month...I can't say I'm itching to return anytime soon, but for the record, I wouldn't mind going to another Staten Island Yankees game.

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