Saturday, June 19, 2010

Open Water Swim, Part II

Today was our first open water practice. Having had the freak out experience last weekend, I thought that this would be much easier. We arrived at Coney Island (by way of Staten Island) and suited up. The whole Team in Training crew was there; I'm assuming somewhere between 2-300 swimmers? It looked like it was going to be a beautiful morning.

And then we got in the water. And I froze. And I'm not talking as in temperature. I'm talking as in all ability to move, swim and speak. After a few minutes of standing there, and a little floating, I was able to take a few strokes and join the team in some laps. Finally I found Angel (it's surprising how everyone looks alike in a black wetsuit and swim cap). I literally swam two inches behind her the whole time and kept my eyes (and hands) on her feet for the remainder of the swim. It made it a whole lot easier for me. Unfortunately Angel's swim was quite difficult because she was worried about kicking me in the face. But we both made it out of the water alive (minus the jello fish scare) and enjoyed (muddled through) a run on the boardwalk. We ended the morning with snacks from Nathan's which, unfortunately, added back on any calories we burned. But who goes to Coney Island without indulging in a famous treat?

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