Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blue is for Fathers. Or Refugees.

Nothing screams NYC like the Empire State Building. I believe (and I'm too tired to look it up) that it's currently the tallest building in New York City and that at one time (again, too tired to verify), it might have been the tallest building in the United States. Or if it wasn't/isn't the tallest, it is certainly the most famous.

I went to a rooftop party at a friend's house tonight and was treated to a spectacular view of Midtown West. The Empire State Building is in blue on the south (left) side of the picture and 4 Times Square is the bright white building on the north (right). I was curious about the blue color of the ESB tonight because blue is generally reserved for Hanukkah. So I consulted Google. According to, we're celebrating World Refugee Day. But I think that it's blue because blue is a boy color and today is father's day.

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