Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mi casa es su casa (violeta)

Today's bike ride was a repeat of last Saturday's ride. Different day, different crowd, same ride. I knew what to expect in terms of topography, geography and scenery. My favorite part of the ride is the (approx.) three mile stretch of River Road in Grand-View-on-Hudson, NY (pop. < 300). It's a straight, flat street on the edge of the Hudson River, just below the Tappan Zee Bridge. This street has the most character of any I've ever seen. The architecture is overwhelmingly eclectic. There's Victorians and Colonials, ranch houses and haciendas. This one is my favorite:

Don't adjust your monitors. The house is, indeed, a very bright shade of purple. But that's not uncommon on River Road. There are several unconventionally hued homes. There's a blue one with green shutters. There's a white one made to look like a ship, complete with port-holes. But this purple house, standing tall and proud on the hill overlooking the water, is my favorite. Maybe that's why it's best that I stick with apartment-living. There's no telling what color I'd paint the exterior of a house I owned...

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