Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Josh and "The Brain"

Obviously I stumped you all! Or you just chose not to guess. Or you guessed but didn't tell me. But I know y'all read about yesterday's mystery adventure in the Hudson. Ready for "the story?" Here it goes...

Erinn and I were biking along the Hudson River and I yelled back to her, "How about biking to Hoboken?" And at the same time, she called up to me, "How about going for a kayak?" I followed her gaze to the sign that said, "FREE KAYAK RIDES" and we pulled over. We borrowed locks for our bikes, signed a waiver, shoved our shoes in a locker, pulled on some life preservers and hopped in the Hudson. Or into the kayak. That was filled with Hudson water. And we paddled away. After getting the hang of things and figuring out how to make the boat move and turn, we saw a boat carrying two strapping young lads so we (I) challenged them to a race. They were a little too competitive and beat us. Actually, they creamed us. But it was all in good fun. Until the splashing started. Then we got yelled at by numerous lifeguards for our childish behavior. Whoops!

At one point, we pulled up alongside Josh and "The Brain" (so-called because he was definitely the smarter of the two but we never found out his name) and asked them to take a picture for us. While "The Brain" was aiming my iPhone at us, Erinn pointed out to him that he was covering part of the lens with his finger. "NO I'M NOT, I KNOW HOW TO USE THE IPHONE," he fired back. Unfortunately, his finger was in every shot. Here's the best of the bunch.

And our racing buddies/photographers, Josh (in the back) and "The Brain" (in the front). "The Brain" is/was very, very pretty.

And then we decided to try out the Map App and that's how the pin ended up in the middle of the Hudson River. The prize will go to Angela D. for her verbal guess this evening after our steamy run in Central Park. Angela, please see me to claim your prize.

For more information on kayaking in the Hudson, visit www.downtownboathouse.org.

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