Friday, June 18, 2010

SEL is Finally a FitFlop Fanatic

A highly publicized sandal sale at Lady Footlocker had me flocking to the store to try out the famous FitFlops. Since they were at a rock-bottom bargain price, I decided to take the plunge. I picked out the least offensive style (I still think they're kind of hideous) and grabbed a pair for myself and a pair for my BFF (it was a two-for-one sale). I declined the bag, dropped my current flops ($2 from Old Navy) in my bag, slipped on my new ergonomically correct, leg-strengthening FitFlops and headed across town to Penn Station to meet my cousins and aunts for a day of shopping and site-seeing in the city.

Within two blocks, I was a believer. They are like little cushions under my feet. It's the support of a running shoe with the air of a flip flop. And the best part? I walked around the city in them ALL day and my feet were still clean at 5pm. Any New Yorker can tell you that's not possible in regular flip flops. Did they strengthen my legs enough to bench press 200 lbs? Probably not. But they kept my feet clean and comfortable, so I can honestly say, I'm a FitFlop Fanatic. Well, as long as the blisters between my toes go away within a week...

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