Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flying to Nyack

A friend and I did the Nyack ride this morning. We started a little bit later than usual (8am) and there were only two of us as opposed to the usual 10+. At one point, about five miles before Piermont, we literally flew down a hill. Knowing all the curves and turns in the road, I'm a lot more confident about letting myself gain momentum as I go downhill. Today, I looked down at my speedometer and saw this:

The funniest parts were our two route deviations; we're both generally followers and had a general idea about how to get through Piermont to Nyack but didn't know the exact streets and turns. We finally made it to The Runcible Spoon after a riverfront detour and two u-turns. Pretty sad considering I've been doing this ride just about every weekend since May. It kind of reminds me of when I finally got my drivers license but had no idea how to get anywhere because I had always been driven.

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