Sunday, August 8, 2010

Biking to Hoboken

Instead of biking north in New Jersey this afternoon, I decided to bike south. I figured I'd follow the water and end up in Hoboken at the PATH station. And that was a good plan. Until I hit Weehawken. And then I got lost. Because the trail along the water was under construction. See those little squiggles between Guttenberg and Union City? Yeah. That's my Weehawken adventure.

But I eventually made it down to Hoboken and uneventfully onto the PATH train. I liked the adventure. The ride wasn't as physically challenging as the Nyack ride but there was something pretty cool about biking along the water and watching the Manhattan skyline get bigger and bigger and bigger until I was directly across from the Empire State Building and Midtown. The hardest part of the ride? Hoisting my bike up and over the turnstile at the train station and then up the stairs on the other side. My arms will definitely hurt more than my legs tomorrow!

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