Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The building with fire-breathing dragons

After our 30-minute heat-stroke-inducing fun-run in Central Park tonight with our former NYC Triathlon teammates, a friend and I headed cross-town for some sushi. We walked across 58th Street and passed one of my favorite buildings.

I've always referred to it as the Petrossian building but a Google search tells me that the proper name is the Alwyn Court Building. I just love the details.

Like the babies holding up the exterior lighting.

And the fire-breathing dragons that are standing guard at the front. The terra cotta decorations go all the way up to the top. Not an inch of this building is without a design element. It reminds me of the city: it can be exhausting and overstimulating when you look at it from a distance, but when you look up close, the details are pretty cool.

Wikipedia tells me that there are massive apartments inside. Maybe I'd like to live there one day. After I get tired of The Dakota, of course.

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