Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mark S. Man, February 26, 2010 - February 27, 2010

He was a vision in white (with a little yellow around his base near the end).

Always had a smile on his face (until it was knocked off by drunks or rats).

He had a great attitude, never uttered a mean word (or raised his voice).

Mark, you were built with love and visited by many. Your life may have been short, but it was well lived. You occupied some of the most valuable real estate in NYC. You had your picture taken with locals and tourists alike. A nice family from South America even declared you the "best snowman in NYC" and abandoned their own snowman building attempts because they feared theirs wouldn't get any attention standing near you. As you melt away, we will look forward to the spring flowers that will grow in your place.

Susan and Claire

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  1. What a lovely poem. Really captures the spirit of the weekend, and our anticipation of springtime. - cmj