Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The one with the Flying Rat and the Fake Fur Hood

I don't like birds. I really don't like pigeons. In fact, I HATE pigeons. They are flying rats.

While walking back from Silo today (deli near work), Becky and I were approaching the corner of 32nd Street and Madison Avenue when this flock of pigeons came out of nowhere. Oh, and it was cold out. That will be important in a minute. Anyway, this one pigeon from the flock, well, he decided to stray and FLY towards us. But he didn't have a lot of altitude, so he was kind of neck level with us. Well, neck level to me which is equivalent to belly button level for Becky. Anyway, I saw this flying rat coming right at me, so I screamed, ducked, and grabbed Becky's arm. Well, Becky's head flopped into my head as I grabbed her so she made contact with my hood (remember it was really cold out, so my hood was up). Unfortunately, my hood is (fake) fur trimmed, so Becky got a face full of fur. So she started screaming. And before we knew it, all of 32nd Street and Madison Avenue was looking at us. I don't remember where the pigeon ended up because we were laughing too hard to notice.

I don't think I did this story justice because it was really one of the funniest experiences I've had in awhile. Seriously. Becky and I were trying to tell the story at dinner last night and we were laughing too hard to do it. But I think it might have been one of those "you had to be there's."

But I'm glad you're not here. Because it hasn't been a good week. Until tomorrow...

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