Friday, February 26, 2010

Mark the Bartender/Snowman

After a heinously dreadful day/week/month, I met up with one of my BFF's from HS and we decided to play in the snow (NYC got over a foot today). We ventured up to Central Park but stopped in front of The Plaza because there was lots of fresh snow in the fountain area. After working feverishly to create the the bottom and middle balls, we realized that we didn't bring "props" to properly adorn him. A quick look around showed that the only options were FAO Schwartz or The Plaza. Deciding that the snowman, however cute he was going to be, wasn't worth taking out a loan for, I left Claire to roll the head and walked inside the Plaza. Here's how it went...

Susan to the Concierge: Hello, I'm building a snowman and I was wondering if you had any props.
Concierge: I don't, but you can try the bar.
Susan to Bartender: Hello, I bet you hear a lot of weird stuff working at the Plaza, right?
Bartender: Yeah, I guess.
Susan: OK, well, I'm about to top that.
Bartender: Top what?
Susan: The weirdness!
Bartender: Go ahead, try.
Susan: My friend and I are building a snowman. See? Look out there. (Bartender looks out the window.)
Bartender: Ok, so?
Susan: So we need some, you know, stuff. Eyes, mouth, buttons? Can we have some olives?
Bartender: (Shrugging.) I'll get you a bag, hang on.

The bartender, Mark, did eventually come back. Not only did he bring a bag but he brought a tupperware! He couldn't give olives (they're expensive!) but he was able to donate some limes, marischino cherries and orange slices to the cause.

And TA DA! Meet Mark the Snowman.

And then we went back inside the Plaza to show Mark the Bartender a picture of Mark the Snowman (he was impressed). We also said hello to Eloise while we were there.

And then it was off to the famous Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien for a quick burger and beer before heading back downtown and crashing on the couch in 18P. A really fun time was had by all. We're going to head back uptown tomorrow morning to see if Mark the Snowman made it through the night...

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  1. way cool. come work your magic in Chi-town.