Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening Ceremony!

I've been looking forward to tonight's Opening Ceremony in Vancouver all week. I love watching the Parade of Nations as all the athletes file into the ring. The ones carrying cameras, videoing the walk, snapping pictures left and right- they are awesome. Just ordinary people who happen to be *really* good at their sport. They aren't professional athetes fighting for multi-million dollar contracts; they are regular people who are extraordinarily talented and coming together to compete against the best of the best. Most of them have spent their whole lives training but will never see their faces on Wheaties boxes or be sponsored by Nike. They're just doing what they do best because they love to do it.

I think that my favorite group of the night was the duo from Bermuda in their, yep, Bermuda shorts!

And coming in at a close 2nd was the group from Azerbaijan.

Check out those pants. They're electric!

And I hope the luge event is canceled. A dozen accidents in two days including one fatality? Come on, IOC.

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