Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Pollie

Your food bowls are still on the floor in the kitchen. I even see a crumb of tuna left from your last meal.

Your toys are scattered through the apartment. Your favorite little brown mousie is in front of the bathroom door but your new pink mouse that I bought last month is MIA. I'm sure I'll find it one day.

Your scratching post remains in the living room. It's tattered and worn but you sure did love that thing. Even though it didn't keep you from scratching at my couches.

When I got in the shower this morning, I automatically left the sink on for you. You always loved your fresh water.

The indentation on the top of my couch cushion remains. And it's still covered in fur. So soft and silky.

You were a good cat, sometimes more like a roommate than a pet. And you'll be missed.

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