Monday, October 18, 2010

Limoncello with "Joe" and "Barbara"

I went to dinner tonight with my friend (and her dog). (Because of the dog) we sat outside. Just inside the window was a big table with a group of about twelve people.

That's only half the table. But anyway, we kept looking in at this bunch and trying to figure out how they knew each other. Finally, I made up a story that it was Joe's retirement party (he's the one on the far right in the blue shirt) and they were all sending him off. There was a woman on the other end of the table and I named her Barbara and pronounced her Joe's secretary of 30 years. She's been the cornerstone of his career, following him from a previous job and helping him launch this successful business. She also organized the dinner. Anyhoo, My friend very sweetly ordered a fabulous dessert for my birthday.

And the waiter brought it and sang and it was very sweet. And Joe, Barbara and the crew cheered from the inside. I looked in and they waved us down to their table for after dinner drinks. I returned the wave but declined the invitation because let's face it, as much as we "knew" about Joe and Barbara, we didn't really "know" them. We ate our dessert (yum!) and got our check. As we were fixing to leave, "Barbara" came up to the table with a limoncello for me! Whew, that was a strong drink. We started chatting with her, showed her the picture we took of her table and told her the story of Joe and Barbara and the reason behind their dinner. She laughed hysterically and told us that basically they were with Ally Bank and some software company was taking then out to dinner as a sales call. Turns out that she was just there with her husband, her name isn't Barbara and she doesn't even know Joe!

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